Monday, 11 October 2010

Printed Material.

Boyfriend Material, an exhibition conceived by Prem Sahib and developed with curatorial duo Liang West, opened on Friday . I put a link to the online magazine Introducing, run by Liang West, previously, but they also had printed copies of the Boyfriend Material issue beautifully designed by the design studio Julia (images below), which of course included the article that I wrote with Jorge De la Garza about his work.

Exhibition details:

With a predominant interest in sculpture, the varying work included in this show will focus on the individual approach to ‘attraction’ and how such intangible concept could be used as material.

The exhibition further poses questions concerning the reciprocal relations between concept and material or subject matter and object. In particular, the conditions in which the line between concept and material is challenged and objects (materials) are now apprehended as more than just passive reflections of human culture, but active agents in their own right. The selected artists demonstrate a diverse sensibility towards material, presenting work that shows both a tactile understanding of physicality while inviting a broader questioning around the very nature of materiality itself.

Boyfriend Material is brought to you by artist Prem Sahib and LIANGWEST. It showcases eight emerging contemporary artists, Jonathan Baldock, Rachal Bradley, Tim Davies, Joseph Frazer, Anthea Hamilton, Richard Lockett, Prem Sahib and Jackson Sprague. To coincide with Boyfriend Material, online publication INTRODUCING have teamed up with graphic design studio Julia to produce the twelfth issue of their regular periodical, available from 24 September.


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